Prove The ROI Of Your Employee Training Using A Data-Driven LMS

Empower your team with employee training that works. Our award-winning LMS gives you access to 10,000 + courses and the data you need to prove the value of your employee training efforts.


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Make employee training engaging

Our LMS, course library, and course creation team will help you deliver online training in a way that makes your team globally competitive.

10,000+ Training Courses

Courses that cover both soft and hard business skills

A Data-Driven LMS

Make informed decisions about your online training

Experienced Course Creators

Get Caribbean-tailored courses made for your team

Innovative Training Solutions

Access the best technology to engage your employees

A Range Of Employee Training Solutions

Our solutions enable you to effectively train your employees anywhere, at anytime, and in a way that is tailored to your objectives. There are four packages. You can choose one or a combination that matches your organisation's unique needs.

Bespoke Content

Our done-for-you content service allows you to get a range of engaging and personalised courses specifically tailored for your Caribbean team.

  • Personalised courses/content
  • Team of experienced content developers
  • Learning material built for Caribbean learners
  • Over 10,000 courses
  • Pay per person
  • 14 languages available
LMS For Teams
Learning Platform

This system provides a ready-made, fully tested learning management system that is supported by One on One and is customised to your unique needs and brand identity. You won't have to build a solution from scratch.

  • Reporting and Tracking System
  • Learning Paths
  • Assessment and Survey Builder
  • Gamification
  • Collaboration Tools
  • eCommerce Capability
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Course Creation and Management
  • Custom branding, features, and functionality
  • Custom domain
  • Custom integrations
  • Maintenance and support
  • Tailored elements found in LMS for Teams

Employees Apply Their Training In Real-Life

One On One helped LASCO Financial Services Limited (LFSL) offer a style of testing which pairs the course material with the tests. With this, learners or trainees could review the material being tested on consistently. This helped learners have important information reinforced in their minds and, as such, presented a higher likelihood of that information being retained and applied in real-life scenarios.
Group Compliance Department of LASCO Financial Services Limited,


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