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Webinar Recordings

Click the links below to access recordings of our past webinars. These webinars will help you enhance your employee training program and utilise a learning management system to make online training a breeze.

Juliana Samuel has over 33 years of experience as an HR professional. She is the founder of Samuel Consultancy Services and cretor of the HR Helper app. She joined us to provide some practical advice for making onboarding valuable to new hires.

It’s important to get the employee onboarding process right so that your new hires can quickly become productive, engaged, and feel like they’re truly part of the team. In this webinar, Juliana Samuel discussed:

  • Why the traditional process of pushing paper and documents doesn’t work for onboarding
  • A clear step-by-step process for making employee onboarding more effective
  • How to incorporate training into the onboarding process
  • A free employee onboarding checklist that will help you create an onboarding process new hires will love


LMS reports are crucial for demonstrating the value of an employee training program. Conventional pen and paper methods only result in frustration and too much of your time being spent on collating the numbers.

In this LMS reporting webinar, the One on One team provides a step-by-step walkthrough of five crucial reports that will help you assess the impact of your employe training program. Watch this webinar recording to learn more about:

  • User Reports
  • Course Reports
  • Test Reports
  • Gamification Reports
  • Certification Reports