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One On One’s award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) helps Caribbean governments, businesses, and individuals improve education and training so they can be globally competitive.


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We’ve worked with clients across 10+ Caribbean countries.

About Us

Our solutions span the entire educational journey with a personalised online environment, content, and experience for learners, trainers, businesses and governments. Our clients benefit from our e-learning courses, online training, instructional design services, and expert tutors and trainers. People in over 10 Caribbean countries use our solutions to simplify learning and development.

We are committed to closing knowledge gaps by helping students, teams, governments, and enterprises across the Caribbean be globally competitive through technology-centric learning that spurs growth. There are over 60 members of our team and we are all committed to empowering Caribbean communities to thrive through digital education and training solutions that have an impact on socio-economic growth.


Meet Our Founder, Ricardo Allen

I started One On One in 2013 to fill a massive learning gap I noticed in the Caribbean. Since then, I’ve worked with an amazing team to provide digital learning solutions to over 150,000 learners across the region. The One On One team works together to create an easy-to-use platform that empowers users to upgrade their skills through personalised learning solutions. We’ve been recognized as a leading e-learning solutions provider in the Caribbean and we’re committed to closing knowledge gaps while creating opportunities for economic and social transformation through building a globally competitive workforce in the region.

Our Products

We have four core products that help you and other Caribbean people close knowledge gaps. These products offer personalised learning solutions that help Caribbean learners upgrade their skills and help Caribbean businesses upskill their workforces.


Our LMS and course creation services simplify online learning for students, professionals, and teams.


Close skill gaps so your team is ready for an ever-evolving world.

Variety of Courses

Access our library of over 10,000 courses across multiple disciplines.


Make learning accessible to everyone on your team.

Don't train blindly

Use our LMS data to evaluate your online training program’s success.

Our Divisions

We believe that an LMS should support the many ways people learn rather than dictate how they learn. For this reason, we have combined formal learning approaches with informal, social and experiential learning all within one platform supporting a skill-based/mastery learning framework. We have four divisions that make this possible.

Adaptive Learning

One On One
For Businesses

Employee training isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy for business growth.

We take a personalised approach to helping businesses train their teams in areas including (but not limited to) compliance, customer service, and sales.

Our talented content developers, instructional designers, and multimedia specialists create online courses specifically tailored to the unique needs of each organisation. We also have a Content Licensing Marketplace that offers over 10,000 courses from some of the world’s leading course providers

One On One For Governments

We’ve worked with the Jamaican and Bahamian governments

To create Educational Management Information Systems (EMIS) that support the learning and development needs of students.
Each EMIS has allowed both governments to make informed decisions that influence policy development, planning, and monitoring of learning objectives across their education systems.

One On One
For Professionals

We also provide e-learning solutions for Caribbean professionals that focus on:

One On One For Students

Primary and high school students do well in their exit exams because of the tools One On One provides. Some of our tools include:

Our Impact


We have a talented team that works together to ensure the success of all of the students and clients who use our platform.

Caribbean Governments

The Jamaican and Bahamian governments trust us to provide an Education Management Information System (EMIS) that powers the growth of their students.

Hours of Content

Since 2013, we have created loads of content for students and businesses that help them achieve success.

Learners Served

We’ve developed courses and provided content for over 150,000 learners across the Caribbean.

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