Collect, Integrate, Process & Maintain Data

Your EMIS — Perfect for Schools and Governments

One on One's Educational Management Information System (EMIS) support the learning and development needs of students in the Caribbean. Our EMIS is used by the Bahamian and Jamaican governments to make informed decisions that influence policy development, planning, and monitoring of learning objectives across their education systems.

Content & LMS for you

Our Bespoke Content and Learning Management System (LMS) help you and other Caribbean people close knowledge gaps.

Bespoke Content

Our done-for-you content service allows you to get a range of engaging and personalised course material such as videos, case studies, and slide presentations. We have a team of experienced content developers who know how to tailor learning material for Caribbean learners.

We also provide over 10,000 pre-made courses from leading universities that help companies and individuals make training more accessible.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that provides a seamless process for asynchronous and real time virtual training. It's a hub for course material people can access anytime, anywhere. You can use our LMS to host your own course material or choose from our library of pre-made courses.

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