Christine Mclean November 21, 2023

How Symptai Consulting Limited Used One on One’s LMS to Showcase Their Expertise

Case Studies

You can use multiple strategies to expand your brand’s reach — advertise, collaborate, host events…the possibilities are endless. But when you want to stand out from the crowd, you use a strategy that showcases your brand as an industry expert.

That’s what Symptai Consulting did with their Jamaica Data Protection Act (JDPA) course. Symptai Consulting is a Jamaica-based IT consulting firm serving 400+ clients in over 25 countries. The team uses IT to help businesses solve complex challenges that improve their operational efficiency, reduce their operating costs, and increase their profitability.

Symptai Consulting’s core services include IT audits, digital transformation, cybersecurity support, cloud migration support, data privacy and protection services, risk and data management services, and fraud identification and prevention. With the JDPA regulations being enforced in December 2023, Symptai Consulting wanted to sensitise the public about what’s necessary to remain complaint while also showcasing the benefits of the company’s data privacy consulting services.

Create a Course Then What?  

Symptai Consulting’s team of experts put together the JDPA course as a self-paced learning model for existing and potential clients. The aim: help Symptai Consulting reach a wider audience.

But how would the team package and sell the course to the public? Symptai Consulting’s Director of Data Privacy Services, Andrew Nooks, explains what the team did next.

“We started exploring solutions. We looked at different learning management systems and how they could work, but we encountered several challenges that would have taken us away from our core business. So we started looking at how we could short-circuit without having to gather new knowledge that was separate from our core business, and we came across One on One.”

Why Did Symptai Consulting Choose One on One? 

Expertise. The team at Symptai Consulting wanted to focus on what they do best (IT consulting) and leave the instructional design and hosting to the professionals.

“Instructional design and learning are specific skill sets that we don’t have in-house because they’re not part of our core business. When you talk about offering a course, you talk about testing and testing will bring in psychometric elements that aren’t part of our expertise. We would then have to create an entire department to put content together effectively and commercialise it to reach a wide audience. After setting up, we would have to look at how we would support the platform we now have. That’s a business in itself. The cost of doing everything ourselves would have been too high.”

~ Andrew Nooks, Director of Data Privacy Services

But One on One offered far more than just instructional design expertise. Symptai Consulting needed a team that would also be:

  • Committed to understanding their requirements in great detail so that they could be led to the best possible outcome

  • Incredibly knowledgeable about the technical requirements

  • Accessible

  • Willing to take a ‘what’s possible’ approach to the project

The learning management system (LMS) also needed to provide the required features — ease of use for the end-user, e-commerce integrations, mobile accessibility, and customisation. One on One’s LMS provided exactly what the Symptai Consulting team needed and more.

The Results 

One on One’s team created a learning management system that Symptai Consulting could use to host and sell their JDPA course.

Symptai's Jamaica Data Protection Act Course

But hosting and selling the course weren’t the only positive outcomes.

One on One’s team also helped Symptai Consulting significantly reduce costs associated with training. It costs them less to train more people. The LMS also allows the Symptai Consulting team to access reporting and analytics that help the team make business decisions.

“If I were to recommend One on One’s LMS, I would say three things. One. The platform is incredibly simple and easy to use in the front-end but in the back end it’s quite complex, highly customisable, and very secure. Two. The team is capable of delivering and customising the solution to your needs. Three. It’s a great investment; the return on investment is phenomenal.”

~Andre Palmer, Director of Research and Engagement

Let One on One Help You Provide Online Learning  

Whether you’re training your staff or external stakeholders, One on One is here to provide you with the best online learning experience. You can trust our team to provide you with instructional design support, a user-friendly learning management system, and courses built for your needs. Book a demo to learn more about how we can help you.

You can also watch the video below to learn more about One on One’s work with Symptai Consulting.