Children's Homes using Classroom in a Box

During homework time, we find that children visit other websites instead of focusing on completing their homework. This device will really ensure that they focus completely on getting the homework done”
Cpt. Moliere, Captain Administrator, Salvation Army

Students Using Classroom In A Box

When students utilise this creative way of teaching and learning, it makes my job easier—more time to explain to them and cheer them on simultaneously.
Jodi-Ann , Teacher


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Classroom in a Box (CB)? ‌
Classroom in a box is a physical device which stores educational content that can be created and curated by administrators, and access provided to all users via their wireless devices.

What do you mean by offline e-Learning content? 
Classroom in a Box can be used entirely offline as all content, lessons and data are stored on a local server within the device. In addition, new content can be added to the device directly from connected devices or through a USB flash drive.

Can I use Classroom in a Box if I already have a Wi-Fi infrastructure?  
Yes, Classroom in a Box is designed to integrate with your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure if present. However, if your Wi-Fi has a poor signal or speed, or intermittent outages, CB is embedded with a local Wi-Fi Access Point to address these issues and offer a rich digital education experience.

Where can CB be used? 
Classroom in a Box can be used in any environment to create an e-Learning environment, from kindergarten/K-12 to colleges/universities. Companies and community centers can also benefit, to create learning spaces in remote locations, highly secure environments, or temporary locations.

Do I need any specific device to have access to Classroom in a Box?
No, it us compatible with any 802.11 WiFi-enabled user device: Windows PCs, Chromebooks, IOS, Android and even smartphone devices.

Who are the Classroom in a Box users? 
Users can be roughly broken into two groups: educators, and their students.

Educators (e.g. teachers and school administrators) benefit by having a complete, integrated learning environment from which to teach. Their built in tools help them to optimize class management, lesson management, resource provisioning, etc.

Students benefit from the ability to leverage a complete e-Learning environment with a structured learning process, up-to-date digital curriculum and content, and rich media resources. These tools ensure an engaging learning experience, regardless of the quality of network connectivity available in their school.

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