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Register your team for this engaging workshop led by Gina Tomlinson-Williams, Director of Business Transformation at the Jamaica Public Service (JPS).

Define Your Leadership Brand for Greater Impact

How do you want people to view you as a leader? Do people actually view you this way? People form impressions of you based on how you act, communicate, and treat others. Collectively, these impressions form your leadership brand.

Gina will walk you through how you can chart the path for your leadership brand. You’ll learn how to become a person of influence and build a leadership brand that makes a positive impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register for this workshop?

This workshop is specifically designed for businesses that want to train their teams and individuals who want to upgrade their skills.

How many employees can I register?

You can register up to five (5) employees. If you would like to get a personlised workshop for your staff, please contact us at

How does the registration process work for people registering teams?

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How does the registration process work for individuals?

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