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Improve job performance and team relationships with online training that educates, engages, and provides measurable results. Our award-winning LMS lets you store courses, access ready-made courses from a diverse library, and use data to inform decisions.

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What We Do

Whether you need a platform or content for online learning, hybrid training, courses, or access to expert tutors and trainers, we have it all. Our solutions span the entire educational journey with a personalised online environment, content, and experience.
Our award-winning LMS and e-Courses are for everyone, anywhere, anytime.
Think of us as the one-stop hub for learning, teaching and development.

Our Products

We offer a range of products designed to address knowledge gaps and provide personalised learning solutions for individuals and businesses in the Caribbean. Our products are specifically tailored to help Caribbean learners enhance their skills and assist businesses in upskilling their workforce.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that provides a seamless process for asynchronous and real time virtual training. It's a hub for course material people can access anytime, anywhere. You can use our LMS to host your own course material or choose from our library of pre-made courses.

Ready-Made Courses

We provide over 30,000 pre-made courses to help companies develop the world’s most productive and admired workforces through engaging online learning programs.

Bespoke Content

Our done-for-you content service allows you to get a range of engaging and personalised course material such as videos, case studies, and slide presentations. We have a team of experienced content developers who know how to tailor learning material for Caribbean learners.

Education Management Information System (EMIS)

We use an EMIS to help governments collect and manage all the data related to educating their nation's children. This data has been used by both the Jamaican and Bahamian governments to inform improvements to their education systems.

One Academy
Classroom In A Box

Classroom In A Box makes it easy for teachers, students, and administrators to access, curate, manage, and publish content offline. No internet access needed, just add your content and connect your students' devices to the box.

Our Features

Close skills gaps so that your team can be made ready for an ever-evolving world


Make online training fun through competitions, leaderboards, badges, points, and other incentives.

Variety Of Courses

Access our library of over 30,000 courses across multiple disciplines.


Make learning accessible to everyone on your team.

Don't train blindly

Use our LMS data to evaluate your online training program’s success.


Get course completion certificates that help with internal mobility and career advancement.


Design your LMS portal to be a true representation of your brand.

Trusted by...

We’ve worked with clients and partners across 10+ Caribbean countries.

"Best Services Ever!"

Spend less on training.

"One On One allowed LFSL to offer remote training and testing which significantly reduced LFSL's expenses. We have also reduced logistical challenges to coordinate and train staff face to face. There is greater convenience and flexibility both for LFSL and agents. Also, One On One has helped LFSL start the process of modernization related to business process development which gives LFSL greater appeal to current and prospective partners."
LASCO Financial Services Limited, Group Compliance Department

Get training relevant to YOUR team.

"Providing asynchronous digital training was new to our team. We were impressed by One-On-One's level of ownership and interest in the material. The end product was relevant to the target population and engaging. Their customer relations were also exemplary. As a company, we felt listened to and we are more than satisfied with the final product."
Paulette Smith, Director of HR and Administration at The National Council On Drug Abuse


Our Impact

60+ Employees
We have a talented team that works together to ensure the success of all of the students and clients who use our platform.
2+ Caribbean Governments
The Jamaican and Bahamian governments trust us to provide an Education Management Information System (EMIS) that powers the growth of their students.
2,500+ Hours Of Content
Since 2013, we have created loads of content for students and businesses that help them achieve success.
150K+ Learners Served
We’ve developed courses and provided content for over 150,000 learners across the Caribbean.

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