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We equip Caribbean primary and secondary school students with the tools they need for academic success. With our LMS, content and expert tutors, it’s easy to master subjects, complete assignments, and prepare for external exams.

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Easy To Follow Videos

Watch videos breaking down PEP and CXC concepts at your own pace.

Past Papers & Quizzes

Get past paper solutions and over 40,000 expert Q&As for all PEP and CXC subjects.

Skills Gap Test

Find out weak areas in PEP & CXC subjects

One on One Tutors

Book the best tutors and coaches in the world for PEP & CXC

Dr Una

Get 24/7 assistance with a human-like chatbot

Group Study

Study with up to six (6) people per session if desired

Clear explanations

Math Made Easy

I clearly understood the formulas and concepts when my tutor explained them to me. I was even able to do some on my own after the session I was able to do some on my own.
Stephan, Student

Patient Tutors

My tutor is willing to recap everything when I don't understand. The best part is that I have an academic coach who helps me to do my work. I can't wait for our next session!
Alicia, Student

Easy To Follow

The session was really easy to follow and I'm really happy about that since I found this topic to be difficult before. Amazing tutors!
Karissa, Student