Safety at Work

Your company’s health and safety policies are essential, but they’re just the start. Ongoing training is crucial to reinforce these policies and the role your staff plays. With One on One’s 500+ workplace health and safety courses, your team will be well-prepared to protect themselves at work.


Benefits of One on One’s Workplace Health and Safety Courses

One on One’s online courses are designed to support learning for all types of employees. Your team will experience the following benefits (and more) when you access our course library and learning management system.

  • Online courses your team can access on any device anytime and anywhere.
  • Mobile-friendly online learning that allows your team to access courses on-the-go.
  • A personalised online learning experience provided through the ongoing support of our helpful customer success team.
  • LMS reports that make it easy to assess the impact of your health and safety training.
  • Gamification that makes learning fun using points, badges, and leaderboards.
  • Courses that are perfect for employees in the healthcare, manufacturing, and construction industries who face workplace health and safety risks.

Done-for-You Content

Let our team of experienced instructional designers help you create unique health and safety courses for your team.

Bespoke Content

Our team of instructional designers excels in conducting in-depth research to create bespoke, interactive, and engaging online health and safety courses tailored to your industry's specific needs. We understand that every industry has its unique challenges, and our experts are dedicated to developing courses that empower employees with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure a safer workplace.

Course Conversion

Let our experienced course creation team convert your presentations, booklets, manuals, and other existing documents into interactive online health and safety courses. Your staff will experience micro-learning course modules that encourage knowledge retention and stimulate engagement. We work with you to create the online health and safety courses your team needs.

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