Customised Content for Your Online Employee Training

Get content that is engaging and relevant to your team’s needs. Our experienced educators and instructional design professionals apply modern principles for making online learning interactive and meaningful for learners. Businesses of all sizes trust us to either transform their existing content into online training modules or create these modules from scratch. 


Content Created for You

Whether you have documents with lots of pages, PowerPoint presentations, or nothing at all, our team is here to help you get online training for your staff that's relevant and engaging.

Bespoke Content

The Instructional Design team consists of experienced educators with graduate training in curriculum design and development. Clients can rely on our team to transform ideas, topics, curricula, policy documents, presentations, and
other files into a comprehensive training program.

Course Conversion

Face-to-face training can be transformed into ready-made, self-paced, and structured educational programs for corporate, government, and academic institutions.

We apply universal e-Learning standards to convert existing content into effective training programs.

Various Engagement Levels

Our content team consists of animators, graphic designers, voice over artists, experienced educators, and quality assurance specialists who will ensure you get the best possible online learning modules for your staff.

Top-Tier equipment

for exceptional content creation

State-of-the-Art Content Studio

Our content development team utilises a fully-equipped studio for filming and content creation — quality cameras, whiteboard screens, clip-on-mics, and perfect lighting.

Designed for Online Learning

Get the content you need to engage your team and promote knowledge retention.

Here's a selection of what our team offers.

Multiple Types of Training

Animations, explainer videos, audio recordings, simulations, scenario-based learning, and much more

Mobile Learning

Content adapts to screens of all sizes.

Custom e-learning

Our custom e-learning courses keep your training needs, culture, and branding at the heart of its development.

E-learning Conversion Services

Breathe new life into your legacy courses or convert outdated training designs to suit your modern learner's preferences.

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