Crystal Calvert May 09, 2023

One On One – Powering e-Learning & Their LMS Using AWS

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One On One featured by AWS - LMS built to power e-Learning

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the education sector has also undergone a massive shift towards e-Learning. This shift has been particularly significant in regions where access to traditional forms of education may be limited as a result of the pandemic and limited resources, such as the Caribbean. One On One, the Caribbean’s leading e-Learning provider, utilized the Amazon Web Services platform to develop a learning management system (LMS) that is able to deliver online learning solutions to thousands of learners daily. 

Having served over one million students in a 7-year period, One On One needed a reliable, secure, and resilient platform to power its e-Learning solutions across the region. Using their LMS built on Amazon Web Services, One On One was able to meet and exceed the needs of those using its platform. Having the Jamaican and Bahamian governments relying on their remote learning capabilities to deliver online learning solutions, the company expanded access to online education in both regions with no downtime. 

The e-Learning company was recently featured by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

One On One built its LMS on AWS to power e-Learning in Jamaica

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