Crystal Calvert April 11, 2023

One On One Launches One Academy – e-Learning For CSEC

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One Academy - e-Learning for CSEC in Jamaica

One On One, the leading ed-tech company in Jamaica, is excited to announce the launch of One Academy, an e-Learning platform that provides CSEC online learning resources to high school students.

With the ongoing pandemic, there has been a greater demand for online classes, and One Academy is the perfect solution for students who want easier access to online learning resources that meet the needs of the local curricula.

Formerly known as OneX, One Academy has been rebranded and enhanced to provide even more e-Learning resources for students preparing for CSEC exams.

One Academy offers:

  • Personalized and comprehensive exam preparation

  • Private tutoring sessions with expert Jamaican teachers

  • Access to learning resources such as past paper solutions and quizzes

  • Live CSEC classes

  • Video courses on various topics

  • Skills gap testing to identify learning gaps

With the latest technology in e-Learning, One Academy is designed to help students build confidence and succeed in their exams by filling in any learning gaps they may have. Its use of technology to support education is a great example of how e-Learning can be used to provide students with the best possible support and guidance to help them achieve their academic goals.

One Academy Provides Support For Students Preparing For CSEC Exams  

Preparing for CSEC exams can be challenging when students lack the needed support and resources. One Academy is an all-in-one platform that has every resource a student would need for academic success. With subject-specific tutorials, CSEC (CXC) past papers with solutions and personalized learning pathways, students can access a wide range of useful resources with ease.

Students no longer have to struggle when they don’t understand a topic. A simple question to the AI chatbot – Dr. Una – will provide the answer they need. Does your child prefer to speak to a teacher for one-on-one instruction? Our private tutors are ready to help. You no longer have to worry to see your child’s CSEC results. One Academy has all the bases covered to deliver an exceptional e-Learning experience to Jamaican students.

e-Learning Assistance for High School Students  

As with every product from One On One, One Academy offers an innovative approach to learning. Primary and high school students can access learning resources anytime and anywhere, and all they need is a device with an internet connection.

Through the unique e-Learning platform, students can access a range of online learning resources from home or on the go via their smartphone or laptop. This allows learners to get help and an improved understanding of topics whether it’s before an exam or reviewing past concepts.

With such accessible support at hand, One Academy is providing a solution to our current need to be able to access quality learning resources in today’s hectic world. It is an ideal platform for high school students looking for help and guidance to enhance their educational journey and reach their full potential.

One On One Welcomes One Academy To The #OneTeam  

The #OneTeam is growing and we couldn’t be prouder of the changes One Academy is making in the e-Learning landscape for CSEC. Headed by Shanille Bennett-Edwards as the Head Of School and Operations, One Academy is on a mission to make exam preparation easier for Jamaican students.

Do you want to give One Academy a try? Sign up for a free 7-day trial for your child. Exam success just got easier.